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Montessori Cottage was founded with the primary goal of empowering young children to reach their fullest potential in all areas of life. Using the Montessori Philosophy, the school provides an enriched and supportive environment where children are encouraged to explore, question, discover and create. Through the holistic curriculum and under the direction of a Montessori certified teacher, children are able to delight in the experience of learning and are given the time to enjoy the process.

Why Montessori?

Our Programs

The Toddler Program:
13 mos – 3 yrs

The Toddler environment is designed for children 13 months through the third year.

The Primary Program:
3 yrs – Kindergarten

The primary program is designed for children 3 years through 6 years and includes the kindergarten year.

Full day, school day, and half day options available!