The dedication, energy, educational background and experience of the teachers is unsurpassed.

Carin & Jim Farnan

(After visiting Montessori Cottage for the first time) I remember feeling so confident that not only would my careful and sensitive child benefit greatly from this kind of philosophy but that this school was particularly suited to helping her grow.

Sabrina Profitt

(After visiting) Montessori Cottage … the impression was everlasting.  Children in both classrooms were happily concentrating on their work, and often times partnering to make their individual creations even better.  The teachers were a constant presence in the room, but they were not over bearing, rather they were watching in amazement as the children were gratified by what they were doing on their own. Without even knowing it, the children were preparing for learning how to write, do math, and be independent individuals.   The impression left was nothing shy of amazement.

Rachel & Jeremi Tyler

Over the years we have seen our daughter’s confidence and independence grow. She has gained a rock solid foundation that we feel has prepared her for not only future education, but more importantly for life. For this we are forever grateful to the exceptional teachers and staff of Montessori Cottage.

Kevin & Tina Carr

Having such a wonderful beginning to learning is beyond priceless. Montessori Cottage has given my children the best possible start into what I hope will be a lifetime love of learning.

Linda Mitala

The school’s philosophy of fostering independent, creative thinking combined with a strong emphasison valuing friendship, respect for others, community/social awareness, and teamwork has had a tremendous effect on my child’s developing character. I am truly proud of the enthusiastic, curious, empathetic and respectful child he has become, and feel that “The Cottage” has played a huge role in that development.

Jen Van Demark

…core values are successfully intertwined into a curriculum that: engages all senses, encourages social/emotional skills, and enhances fine and gross motor skills, which provides a solid foundation for (the children) to build their cognitive, language, and literacy development. This is the foundation the Cottage has built where our children can grow and thrive.

Leslie Smith

What happens at Montessori Cottage adds immeasurable blessings to the lives of the children there.

Cathy Heilferty

Upon initial observation of the classrooms at the Cottage, I was in awe of the quiet “hum” that exuded through the air.  As a Reading Specialist at an Elementary School myself I know how difficult it can be to have all students engaged, curious and interested in learning.  I wondered, “How can …(they) maintain this level of a thirst for knowledge with a range of one to six year olds?”  It is a multi-layered question, but surrounding all layers is nurture.

Kimberly Todor